Danielle, 26, hits back at critics who slammed her for taking her baby son Archie out partying

Dear Everyone

‘People have called me irresponsible, selfish and – most hurtful of all – a bad mother for taking my five-month-old baby out until 1am.

‘But if anyone expects me to apologise, tough!

‘I admit it was late when my fiancé Jamie O’Hara and I left Nobu with Archie.

‘And yes, after sending our son home to bed with a babysitter, we went clubbing at Whisky Mist until 3am.

‘But what’s the big deal? Going out didn’t harm Archie in any way.

‘He fell asleep at 10.30pm, so it made no difference to him whether he was tucked up in his car seat in Nobu or his cot at home.

‘He went home with Jamie’s cousin Megan, who looks after him with us often so she knows his routine, and he slept through the night.

‘By the time we left Whisky Mist, I’d had three passion fruit cocktails over dinner and shared two bottles of champagne between our party of five at the club.

‘I wasn’t sober, but I wasn’t very drunk either.

‘The next day I didn’t have a hangover so was up with Archie as usual the moment he woke at 8am.

‘We have a monitor in our room so as soon as we heard his little giggle, I scooped him up and took him into our bed for a bottle and cuddle.

‘The rest of the day we watched the Disney Channel together. Jamie and I can afford a nanny, but we don’t want one.

‘We want Archie with us all the time so he knows how much Mummy and Daddy love him. Why all the fuss about taking him to a restaurant?

‘I don’t get it. Surely taking him with us on a night out makes us better parents than dumping him at home with a nanny?

‘We don’t want Archie to miss out on anything – even nights out. And he had a great time that evening because Nobu’s such a child-friendly restaurant.

‘He sat on his green child seat on top of a chair, so it felt as if he was really sharing the table with us all. It was lovely.

‘The waiters even made him a rattle with coffee beans in a jar and Una Healy from The Saturdays came over to give him a cuddle.

‘There wasn’t a peep out of Archie all evening. He smiled at everyone we saw, then had a bottle of formula and drifted off.

‘We hadn’t planned on going clubbing afterwards, but because it was my birthday and our friends from Las Vegas were flying home the next day we decided at the last minute to stay out late and have fun.

‘At the club I drank, danced, gossiped and had a great laugh. Doesn’t any new mum deserve that?

‘It’s extremely hard work caring for a baby. So hard that only other new mums can understand.

‘I’ve been through sleepless nights with Archie, had tearful days and stressful times when I struggled to cope with the exhaustion and emotion of it all.

‘But I’m better now and shouldn’t be criticised for letting my hair down.

‘I spend most of my days in beaten-up jeans and baggy old tops, splattered with Archie’s milk, dribbles and worse.

‘So it’s a real treat to get glammed up for a night out. It’s good for my self-esteem and it’s good for my relationship with Jamie.

‘Every couple goes through bad times and we’re no different.

‘Becoming parents shook us up but we’re really happy and close now. We promised each other we’d go on date nights at least once a fortnight.

‘Those nights are important to us because they keep our relationship fresh, but because we love Archie so much and because I cried when I left him at home for my first night out as a mum back in August, our son comes along too.

‘We’ll continue taking Archie out with us wherever we can and as often as we can.

‘And harsh as this might sound, anyone who judges me for it can piss off!’

Love Danielle x

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