Glamour model desperate to make relationship work despite claims he cheated

Danielle Lloyd is planning to move to Portsmouth with footballer Jermain Defoe.

The glamour model dumped the former Spurs star last week after single mum Stephanie Moule claimed she had a 7-year affair with him.

But Jermain managed to convince Dani it was all lies and now she’s happy to pack her bags and head for the coast.

‘Moving to Portsmouth is a big step for Dani, as her work, friend and life are in London,’ a source tell the Daily Star.

‘But she believes this is what she must do to make their relationship work. She doesn’t believe a long distance thing will pan out.’

Jermain, 25, signed up to play footie for Portsmouth last week and is expected to move to the Sandbanks area this year.

A spokesman for Dani, 24, confirms they’re ‘still trying to work things out.’

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