The dancer says there's 'no harm caused' by being labelled as Liam's ex

Danielle Peazer isn’t too worried about being associated with Liam Payne.

Some of the dancer’s fans got a little defensive when we referred to her as ‘Liam‘s ex-girlfriend’ in a story yesterday, saying she’s ‘much more’ than that and an ‘amazing’ person.

But Danielle, 26, assured them that she wasn’t upset by the nod to One Direction‘s Liam, 20.

‘I appreciate all of your lovely words but I understand that I will forever be referred to as that. It’s ok. No harm caused #whatcanyadooo,’ Tweeted Danielle, who split from Liam in 2013.

After one follower wrote that she ‘could be referred to as worse…’, Danielle calmly replied: ‘I probably have been too!’

Despite Danielle‘s sweet response, we’ve decided to take Tweeters‘ views on board and will try our utmost in the future to refrain from labelling her as Liam‘s ex.

We love powerful women at Now Online and know Danielle is a very talented dancer who’s worked with stars including Ellie Goulding, Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry.

She’s also a beauty and fashion inspiration with a style blog called Idle Lane, which she proudly asked those Tweeting her last night to check out. 

‘And if u really wana help me out you could go and follow a certain blog page …… @IdleLaneLoves. Please and Thanks #ididitallbymyself,’ wrote Danielle.

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Anna Duff