Who says exes can't be friends? Danielle Peazer and Liam Payne are making it work

Being friends with an ex can be a difficult task – especially if your former flame happens to be part of the most famous boyband in the world (in case there’s any confusion, we mean One Direction, by the way). But Danielle Peazer, ex-girlfriend of Liam Payne, seems to be making it work, and has actually found him to be a source of support!

After more than two years, Danielle and Liam called it quits in May 2013, but they still remain a part of each other’s lives.

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Danielle told Mirror Online: ‘We’re definitely on good terms but it has been three years, that’s a long time now we’ve been broken up. We’re both over it, we’ve both moved on, we’re not going to sit here and slag each other off but it is what it is.’

Danielle and Liam back in 2013, having fun at Thorpe Park

Danielle and Liam back in 2013, having fun at Thorpe Park

While Liam went on to date Sophia Smith, Danielle’s main focus has been on making a career out of her online popularity – she began a YouTube beauty channel in 2014 which now has nearly 120,000 subscribers.

However, she’s admitted that at times, the pressures of being such an online force has gotten to her: ‘Don’t get me wrong, I definitely had my days where I’d say to my mum, ‘Right, that’s it, I’m coming off all social media, that’s it, it’s pointless. I’m just going to go back and be a dancer’.

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‘But having a bit of perseverance and patience and being supported by Liam is great, we still support each other and I think that’s been really vital for me, and for him.’

Her latest venture will see her launch a makeup and perfume range called ‘Peace, Love & Happiness’.

Having a beauty line, along with her blog and various brand endorsements, she has a lot on her plate – so it’s great that she has the support of Liam and close friend Jade Thirlwall. The pair live together, but Danielle will be left on her own when Little Mix go on tour later this year.

At least she’ll have a lot on to keep her busy – best of luck, Danielle!

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