Danielle Peazer is so much more than just Liam Payne's ex

Danielle Peazer dances for all the cool kids, from Katy Perry to Justin Timberlake, has over 3.1 million followers on Twitter and boasts a fashion and beauty blog that’s already totted up over half a million hits since its launch 10 months ago.

The inspiration for Idle Lane came from 26-year-old Danielle‘s fans.

They are always asking me for fashion advice like: “What should I wear to my prom?” or: “I’ve got this party coming up…” I thought, well, I’m interested in fashion, so I decided to set up a blog in September 2013,’ she explains.

‘I called it Idle Lane – an anagram of my name. I try to post at least three to four times a week. Since September I’ve had over 500,000 views. Obviously it’s not my job – if people like it, then they do. I actually state on my blog that I’m not a fashion expert, but it just snowballed from there and has become quite successful.

I love Zara, H&M, Mango and Topshop. River Island is really good for shoes – so is New Look. And I love a bit of Primark if you want a basic thing. If you can brave going in, then you deserve to come out with something!

‘I do a lot of online shopping too – that’s really good. Then we all have times where we just wear our onesies all day!’

Danielle‘s blogging tip is to chose a topic you’re passionate about.

I was nervous that people might say: “Danielle, you know nothing about fashion, what are you even doing?” I could’ve had a massive backlash, but I’m not putting myself out there so everyone can adore me,’ she says.

Be consistent. Blogging is about being reliable and committed. I think with blogging, the great thing
is you can do it at 2am in bed. It’s not like YouTube videos where you have to make yourself look nice and you’ve got to find the time to film.

Listen to your feedback. You don’t have a blog if you don’t listen to the readers because you’re relying on them to read it and help your blog gain success. So if you’re very narrow-minded about it and think: “Well, I don’t care what you want, I’m going to do what I want anyway,” then what’s the point in having a blog?

It’s always hurtful to read bad comments – you’re like: “What have I done?” No one deserves that. But I think it’s about knowing it’s them that have the problem – you’re just carrying on doing your thing. People will always be slightly negative – there’s always someone who won’t like you. You can’t please everyone.’

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