Russell Crowe's wife spills the beans on the Robin Hood star

Robin Hood star Russell Crowe has a reputation for being a bit of a hell-raiser but wife Danielle Spencer reckons he’s a big softie.

‘He’s a sensitive soul, very romantic. He’s a soulful, loyal person who has deeply enriched family values,’ she reveals. ‘I know he’s someone I can count on.

‘I don’t think I’ve tamed him, I just think there’s a natural progression when you become a parent and are relaxed and happier.’

Danielle, 41, and Russell, 46, first got together when she was 20 and he was 25. They split after a few years but reunited a few times before finally marrying in 2003.

They are now parents to sons, Charles, 7, and Tennyson, 4.

‘I do believe that things happen when they are meant to, and we were both ready to marry,’ Danielle tells YOU.

Russell and I had graduated back to each other a number of times over the years, so it definitely started to feel like there was some force at work.

‘I’m open to the idea of magic – some little romantic part of me likes to believe in some of that stuff without calling myself a raging lunatic.’