Fans of the actress have voiced their concerns for Danniella...

Stumbling outside G-A-Y Nighclub last Thursday. Danniella Westbrook looked miles away from the fresh-faced star who took her place back on EastEnders in June this year. Clinging onto a friend, Danniella looked dishevelled and distressed as she left the London nightclub where she’d been judging their Porn Idol competition.

Her antics come just days after Danniella revealed she’d been in hospital. ‘I’ve been in hospital, I’ve had several teeth removed from a blood and bone infection through no fault of my own,’ Danniella said in a video. [I’m] very poorly from a blood infection. As you can see I’m not on drugs, I just look tired and knackered.’

Worryingly, prior to her big night out Danniella, 46, had been at the centre of a bizarre social media rant – with a picture of her bloated and puffy face posted onto Twitter with the caption: ‘I am covering my nose because it is falling apart AGAIN because of my relapse.’


Other tweets posted from Danniella’s account included: ‘Cocaine has ruined my life I’m lying in a hospital bed and still have some gear stashed in my bra i am a total mess and a screw up’ and ‘The sad thing is I will probably die just like all the legends and be remembered for sex, drugs and EastEnders.’

Mum-of-one Danniella later denied she’d posted the Tweet, instead blaming hackers for the post, telling her followers: ‘Who ever is on my Twitter your SICK I’M NOT ON DRUGS! I’m very ILL WITH A BLOOD INFECTION.’

However the picture that appeared of Danniella does appear to be recent. When Now spotted her outside of G-A-Y Nightclub. Danniella let loose – dancing around the pole in the London club before she staggered out, escorted by a drag queen.

After returning to the BBC soap that made her famous last June, Danniella’s fans had hoped she’d turned a corner – following years of drink and drug abuse. However, eyebrows were raised after she appeared in just four episodes, leading to reports she had been sacked after she allegedly gave her boyfriend Arthur Clark oral sex in the back of a BBC chauffeur driven car. Danniella vehemently denied the reports, claiming she had only been booked in for four episodes.

We’re not the only ones concerned for Danniella, with her fans begging her to get help online. stay focused. ‘Stay clean, Stay focused, keep on those workout pads (they help) And keep strong hun. Keep the faith, hun,’ one fan tweeted. Another wrote: ‘Sending you all the love in the world @westbrookdanni . Some of us get the shitty end of the stick in life! Stay real’.