The former EastEnders actress came into some trouble while travelling back to Spain

Recently, it seems as if drama seems to follow Danniella Westbrook whether she likes it or not.

After returning to the UK for promotional work and to update her fans on her life with a Loose Women appearance earlier this month, actress Danniella decided to return to Spain for a girls’ holiday.

However, it has now emerged that she was removed from the flight by airline staff following a supposed clash with other passengers – and there are some pretty conflicting stories about what really happened…

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Danniella, 43, has been spending a significant amount of time in Spain after initially flying out in March 2017 to enrol in a rehab treatment programme.

After making a short return to the UK last week, she was then headed back to Spain – but ran into trouble on-board an easyJet flight from London Gatwick airport to Malaga.

According to one report, the mum-of-two was taken off of the aircraft after getting involved in a raucous argument with a stag party, also on the plane, who were allegedly attacking her with verbal insults.

However, another passenger on-board has given a different account of the former EastEnders star’s removal – and apparently, it all started because of a handbag.

Speaking to The Sun, the passenger claimed that Danniella had kicked off the drama after being told to place her handbag in her hand luggage.

‘When we were getting onto the plane, she dropped her water bottle and someone passed it to her and asked if she was okay.

‘She replied: ‘No I’m f***ing not. They’ve made me put my handbag away in my hand luggage.’

The source explained that after an exchange with some others boarding the plane, the flight was held up for half an hour for an unexplained reason, before Danniella was ‘suddenly removed from the plane’.

‘She looked really upset but also very rough – not how you see on the TV or in the press.

‘The captain came over the intercom and said abuse would not be tolerated.’

Awks. In any case, the actress ended up boarding a later flight, and eventually made it to Marbella – and she Tweeted about how glad she was on Friday (12th May):

‘Thanks for all your messages. Love ya all but happy to be in Spain today #thewestbrook see ya soon y’all’.

At least she made it to her destination safely in the end; now, let’s hope that the good times continue to roll without the dramas…