As she heads to rehab again, we look back at Danniella’s journey from soap star 
to relapsing addict

Danniella Westbrook’s 26-year showbiz career has been one of huge highs and lows, and recently she publicly ended up back in rehab – in an attempt to end her infamous cocaine addiction once and for all.

As brutally frank as ever, Danniella, 45, appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show and confessed, ‘Listen, if I had the money, I would be back where I used to be – doing 11 bags a day.’

When pressed by Jeremy, Danniella broke down an admitted that she’d last taken cocaine four days previously.


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But she was thrown 
a lifeline when Jeremy 
offered to pay for her bed in 
a rehabilitation facility, with Dan promising, ‘I’d love to go. 
I won’t do a runner, I promise.’

The former EastEnders star has since suggested that her addiction is so severe that she can’t even be trusted to go to 
the shops alone. Giving fans an update on Twitter, she said, ‘Went off to Aldi today with my counsellor and support worker, and bought food. Just keeping you updated. Thanks for the love and support.’

But this isn’t the first time Danniella has tried to beat the addiction that has led to her experiencing some horrific things. She previously revealed how a £5,000 drug debt resulted in dealers holding 
her hostage for three days 
as they gang raped her.

And in 2014, Dan revealed how she flew to Magaluf to sleep with a drug dealer who later abandoned her, meaning she had nowhere to stay and was forced to sleep on the beach.

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On more than one occasion the actress has confessed she’s scared the addiction will claim her life, previously explaining, ‘I’m really fricking frightened 
if I’m honest with you. I know 
that I haven’t got a year of 
taking drugs left in me.’

At the height of her addiction, Danniella was spending £1,000 a day on cocaine and once confessed to blowing more than £250,000 on the drug 
over two decades.

Mum-of-two Danniella has even admitted to taking drugs while in labour with son Kai and that, when he was three, she almost overdosed.

Dan said, 
‘I had a cocaine convulsion and my three-year-old son was trying to put 
a Mars bar in my mouth, trying to make me come round.’

But, despite the fact she’s been here before, Danniella is determined that this will be the last time she enters rehab.

In another update 
for fans, she said, ‘[It’s] the 
first day of a 10-week programme which will 
 change my life, make me strong and give me the tools to never feel the way I’ve felt the last four years. I’m never looking back.’

We wish you all 
the luck in the world, Danniella. Stay strong.