The X Factor judge has hairstyes for every occasion

Dannii Minogue has changed her hair a lot over the years.

At the start of her career, the Australian star is extremely experimental with her locks.

In the 80s she goes for maximum volume with a huge quiff and super-high frizzy ponytail.

Bored of this look by the next decade, Dannii gets in touch with her gothic side by bleaching her fringe.

She keeps the rest of her layers a dark brown shade for a moody finish.

Dannii’s back to a single colour by 1995 but then reaches for the scissors and hair dye again months later.

In 1995, Kylie’s little sister keeps her hair short but works blunt bangs in to the front.

She lets her tresses grow in the years that follow and sports cornrows for a night out in London in 2001.

2002 sees a big hair change for Dannii as she debuts a short and spiky ‘do.

Seemingly not a fan of her cropped cut, the singer keeps a lot of length from 2003-2009.

Dannii’s neat bob is next and she styles it in a way that frames her face on The X Factor in 2009.

She ups the glamour for a live show in November that year by adding crimped extensions to her hair.

The following week after ditching her clip-ins, Dannii showcases a stunning softly curled style.

We’re looking forward to seeing what she tries next.