The X Factor judge and Kris Smith have discussed starting a family

Dannii Minogue, 38, was interviewed by Denise Van Outen for Now recently and The X Factor judge admitted that boyfriend Kris Smith was keen to have children.

‘Kris loves kids – he says to me every day: “I want babies, I want babies,”‘ Dannii revealed. ‘I’ve never thought about it.

‘I wouldn’t say I’m broody, but he’s got me to a point where I’m thinking about it. He literally brings it up every day.

‘My mum and dad would like a girl because there are two nephews already. But a little Minogue girl – imagine how spoilt she’d be! She’d have a fabulous dressing-up box.’

Dannii laughed about any Minogue-Smith child inheriting a strange mix of their genes.

‘I keep joking with Kris that if we have kids their bodies will be short and the legs and arms will be long,’ she quipped. ‘It would look like a giraffe because he’s, like, almost 6ft 4in!’

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