Puss In Boots stripper recalls her fun time with The X Factor judge

Stripper Janine Marshall has spoken out for the first time about her raunchy lapdance for Dannii Minogue which ended up on the internet.

Janine, 24, performed for Kylie’s little sis at London’s Puss In Boots club in September 2005 and claims, ‘Dannii devoured me during that dance like a ravenous tiger.’

The X Factor judge, who was on a night out with a boyfriend and some friends, was shocked to discover recently that CCTV snaps of the encounter were still on the Web.

‘She was calling out for me, so I sauntered over and danced seductively in front of her,’ Janine tells the News Of The World.

‘Then she whispered, “You’re stunning, you’re turning me on so much”. She kept leaning forward to nestle her face in my breasts.

‘Dannii said she loved watching me dance naked and admitted she’d had pole dancing lessons herself.’

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