Errr, WHAT!?

Danny Baker DID NOT KILL Bob Marley, okay? He didn’t do it. Not once did he murder or maim reggae’s biggest legend, so don’t even suggest it, all right?

But why would the broadcasting legend even be accused of murdering Bob Marley? Well that was his fault – he started the rumour! The I’m a Celebrity star allegedly played a football match with singer and apparently tackled him so hard he ended up hobbling off the pitch.

Then, years later, doctors informed the Jamaican star that his skin cancer originated from a football injury. He died in 1981.

So you can see the predicament he was in. Well, the 59-year-old has cleared up the internet rumour once and for all in an article for the Radio Times.

Bob Marley was actually a big fan of football [REX/Shutterstock]

Bob Marley was actually a big fan of football [REX/Shutterstock]


He said: ‘OK, so the rumour goes that while representing the New Musical Express [NME] football team against the Wailers one evening, I savagely tackled Bob Marley and mangled his big toe.

‘Cut to several years later and bob tragically dies of a cancer that doctors say originated from an old footballing injury. In his toe. Got it? No further questions, your witness.

‘Except, and here’s a humiliating confession, I never did play football against Bob Marley and the Wailers.’

NME DID play against Bob Marley’s team the Wailers, but Danny didn’t join until 1978. And by that point, the only remnant of the musical legend was football playing old-boys who used to proclaim how good the Wailers were.

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He continued: ‘You couldn’t get near them, apparently, and to pit yourself against opposition of that calibre was, unlike those pesky lightweights, a real test.

‘Which was why, many years later, on the radio, I shamefully parlayed my playing past to include the Wailers fixture.’

Turns out that a caller into his show was the one who suggested he’d murdered Bob Marley and he stuck with it until the invention of the Internet. The dastardly world wide web caused the rumour to spread several times until he cleared it up.

So, now you know: Danny Baker DID NOT KILL Bob Marley.