The rugby star’s former fling tried to get £15,000 from his publicist to keep quiet

Two strippers who blackmailed Danny Cipriani over a pregnancy scandal have been spared jail in a case at Kingston Crown Court.

Lisa Murphy, 39, had worked with her friend Violet Smith, 29, to demand money from the rugby star’s publicist after she aborted his baby following a short fling.


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The pair were both given 22-month sentences suspended for two years in court on Tuesday after they both admitted to blackmailing 29-year-old Danny.

Danny had had a casual relationship with Lisa in the summer of 2015 which resulted in the exotic dancer falling pregnant.

She informed Danny via WhatsApp and explained that she’d have an abortion. The sport star offered to pay for the procedure but Lisa refused, saying that she’d have it on the NHS.

They kept in touch and then things turned sour when Lisa suffered complications following the termination and was left unable to work for five weeks.

She sent Danny messages asking for financial help, having texted him: ‘I didn’t want to ask because I’m so independent. Is there anyway you can help me because I’m self-employed and not getting paid.’

Lisa told him that she’d been earning £1,000. Her lawyer Hannah Duncan told the court that being unable to work made her feel ‘increasingly frustrated, increasingly upset, and increasingly desperate’.

Danny often didn’t reply to his ex’s messages and she turned to her friend Violet for help.

Violet started messaging Danny and told him that she’d encouraged Lisa to sell her story. Whilst Lisa believed she could get £12,000 from The Sun, Violet tried to negotiate a deal with the sportsman’s publicist to get £15,000. Their continued pleas for cash led Danny to contact the police.

Judge Peter Lodder QC said of the case: ‘Danny Cipriani repeatedly offered to help but nothing was forthcoming. He said he would pay for the abortion. Danny Cipriani did not act according to his early promises.

‘Whether this was his own choice or in accordance with advice from a PR agency or something else is not for me to judge. He certainly does not appear to have fully appreciated the extent of your difficulties.

’I’m satisfied by that time Lisa Murphy was feeling increasingly desperate and continued to suffer from the emotional consequences of her condition. I’m satisfied that Violet Smith was motivated by concern for your well being.’

He added that it was an ‘unusual case’ which nobody involved had come out of very well and said he’d decided to suspend the sentences due to it being an ‘exceptional case’.

It’s not the first time that Danny has hit the headlines for his personal life.

He had a rocky relationship with his ex Kelly Brook, who has since branded him a ‘car crash’, whilst Katie Price publicly mocked his manhood after they had a fling.