Professional hard man and EastEnders star Danny Dyer confessed to feeling 'embarrassed' about not doing more to help before

He likes to think of himself as a bit of a hard man, but Danny Dyer couldn’t hide his emotion following a recent visit to the slums of Sierra Leone.

The EastEnders star visited the West African country – which was hit hard by the recent Ebola outbreak – to film a report for Sport Relief, set to air on Friday 18th March.

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In a piece he wrote about the well-long trip for The Sun, Danny describes the chance to use his fame to do good as ‘beautiful’ – but confessed that the experience shocked him.

‘There were no highs. It was just wave after wave of f**king devastation,’ he writes.

‘The place was full of unhappy people just trying to feed themselves, that was the vibe. The only high was what we could possibly bring to them.

‘I felt embarrassed that I’d not done much before to help. And I felt embarrassed about the position I’m in.

‘No human being is better than others on this planet. The devastation in the country really hit me hard.’

He referenced the BBC One soap he is currently starring in as he described the drive into the Marbella slum, saying: ‘The market we went through was particularly gob-smacking. To say it was bustling would do it a massive disservice, the place made Albert Square look like closing time at the library.’

On his arrival in the slum, he said: ‘ This was as tough a place as I’d ever seen.

‘It’s such a densely populated and tightly packed area, with the shacks on top of each other, broken up by so many narrow gullies full of rubbish and sewage.’

He added: ‘As I was walking around I began to feel just how horrendous it must have been here while Ebola was wreaking havoc on the families that live in the slum.’

Danny isn’t the only celeb lending their star power to this year’s Sports Relief campaign.

Comedian Eddie Izzard is attempting to complete 27 marathons in 27 days in a bid to raise money, whilst Fern Britton has bravely spoken of how here experience with Postnatal Depression left her with suicidal thoughts in the hopes of raising awareness around maternal mental health issues.