Cockney actor regrets comment made to magazine


Danny Dyer has admitted he feels terrible about the time he advised a reader to cut his ex-girlfriend’s face in a magazine advice column.

The actor was famously sacked from his role as an agony uncle at Zoo Magazine after he made the ill-advised joke.

‘As a joke – a bad joke – I said to the journalist [who was putting the page together], “Maybe he should cut her face so no one would want her,”‘ says Danny, 35.

‘Even as it came out of my mouth I wasn’t proud of it… But I never thought for a minute they’d stick it in the magazine.’

Danny, who has previously admitted to being ‘feminine’ as a child, is upset that people might have got the wrong impression of him.

‘It just makes me feel sick that people would believe that I’m this misogynist who would advise somebody to cut a woman’s face,’ the actor tells The Independent Magazine.

‘Especially with two daughters and having being brought up by women. I adore women… I love everything about them.’

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