Another of the Beckham's many talents...

So there was us, totally convinced that the Beckham‘s were as perfect as human beings can get. News flash people: we were wrong. So very wrong.

This is because David and Victoria Beckham aren’t human. They are beautiful magic wizards.

*Tumbleweed*…. Okay, bear with us on this one…

Like Dumbledore but sexy (not that Dumbledore ISN’T sexy… ya’know, everyone’s beautiful in their own way….), the Beckham‘s have showcased *another* of their many gifts to us humble folk…. magic!

Taking to Instagram, Vics shared a video of herself, hubby David and magician David Blaine being (attacked?) showered with playing cards- captioned ‘U have no idea!! Keep watching!! AMAZING!! ‘.

We think it’s safe to assume that David and Vics have indeed, been learning magic…

U have no idea!!! Keep watching!!AMAZING!! @davidblaine @davidbeckham ✨ 🐰🇺🇸 Kisses X vb

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David also shared a snap of the fiasco, posting a picture with the caption ‘Ok you have no idea what’s coming… Be patient it’s worth it’.

Ok you have no idea what's coming … Be patient it's worth it ♠️♦️♣️♥️. The man himself @davidblaine

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What is this majestic secret project, Beckham parents? Are you going to make Harper levitate in the air?! Will you magic up a fully stocked VB wardrobe of clothes (and kindly give it to us…). WE MUST KNOW!

Speaking of Beckham talents, VB recently shared a video of her son Cruz having a lil’ warble. Get a load of these gifted vocal chords, people!

Super cute Cruz!! @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham #proudmummy X vb

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*Sigh*…Oh to be a Beckham.

Alice Perry/ @AlicePerrr