There a billion reasons why David Beckham is the man dreams are made of. Here are just 7 of them...

OK, so we’ve fancied David Beckham for like, ever, but recently, our love for the former footballer has shot up to all-new levels. Manly’ flowers, amaze fashion sense and helping the homeless – seriously, this man is perfect.

If you needed more convincing (are you mad?), then here are the top seven reasons why David Beckham is perfect, with a capital P.

1. Amazingly good looking

Yeah let’s just get the obvious one out of the way. There’s no denying it – David Beckham is FIT and he just seems to get better with age. Hands down, hottest 39-year-old we ever saw.

2. He looks after the house

Becks recently admitted to ordering manly’ flowers for his homes. ‘Victoria is in charge of the house, but I am allowed my input into one or two areas,’ he said. ‘One of the things that has changed over the years… when you get older, you mature, and you start liking flowers. Although I try and keep it manly.’

He is also a HUGE fan of Jo Malone candles with sources claiming he regularly buys one of each of the famous scents.

3. Knows how to dress

Aside from that atrocious sarong Becks donned in 1998 (let’s just forget about that eh?), the former England captain has a wardrobe that most men would die for. Although, being honest, we much prefer Becks when he’s stripped down to his H&M boxers…#justsaying

4. He’s totally grounded

Have you ever watched a David Beckham interview and thought, Pah – you’d give Kanye’s ego a run for it’s money’? Nah, thought not. The father-of-four is so down-to-earth that he was even spotted handing a $20 note to a homeless man earlier this week. Erm, cute!

5. Doting dad

David is a proud father to sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and daughter Harper. Whilst a lot of celebs are rarely spotted with their offspring, David is regularly seen out and about with his four kids, buying ice-creams, heading to the gym or just generally chillin’ out.

Talking about his life as a kind-of stay-at-home-dad on Jonathan Ross last year, Becks said, I love it. I’ve been lucky, I’ve always been able to take the boys to school in the morning, and pick them up and make dinner and things like that.’ Really, David, stop being so great.

Supportive hubby

Since marrying Victoria back in 1999, David has stuck loyally by her side. There’s none of this, Babe, I’d rather sit glued to a games console all night’, with Dave. Oh no. He spends his evenings supporting Victoria with her clothing line, often being snapped on the FROW at various fashion shows around the world.

Sky-high bank balance

We ain’t no gold-diggers but c’mon – a bank balance like David’s is definitely going to have some appeal. He may have retired from football now but in 2013 he was still worth over £215 million. Imagine THAT pension pot…


Of course, the list does go on but we wouldn’t wanna rub David’s perfect-ness in the faces of all those mediocre men…#justkidding


Lucy Gornall

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