Bubble baths and skin-tight boxers…you won't believe what David Beckham and James Corden have been up to!

James Corden and David Beckham make for an unlikely double act, but their latest underwear sketch isn’t the first time the duo have made us giggle.

In fact, this bromance has been going on for a while. And these two have got so close, we’re thinking Victoria Beckham and Julia Corden might be geting a little concerned. 

Here’s five times these two might have taken their relationship a little too far…

1. When they took a trip to the beauty spa…

The pair made a lovely couple as James painted David‘s nails and fussed with his hair, while in a French beauty spa. And all while wrapped in white towels.

2. When they had a steamy bubble bath…

We were quite jealous when David and James shared a bubble bath followed by a romantic cuddle in bed.

‘I think were amazing together…’ James sniffs, close to tears.

‘I love you man!’ Becks replies his head on James‘ chest.


3. That time when David gave James a rose…

Yes, we’re jealous! We want a rose from Becks! James clearly has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to winning Mr Beckham over, as he actually managed to get David gives him a beautiful pink rose. In fact, the pair even shared a tender kiss as David lovingly leant his head on James’ shoulder and gets a kiss for his kindness…err…guys!!

Watch all those moments here: 

4. They’ve even had a lovers tiff…

It’s not all romantic bliss though…James has been known to get quite cross with his famous football pal. Yes, they’ve even had a lovers tiff in 2009! In this sketch James gives the England team a telling off during another Comic Relief video.


We’re glad they make up though. Did you hear James say, ‘You’re a beautiful man…beautiful face’ to David? Naww.

5. When they stripped down to the tighty-whiteys…

Finally the video that has been cracking us up recently, as James and Becks let it all hang out in the tightest of white boxers!! They stare moodily at the camera…arms around each other of course!


James prances across the screen in glorious slow motion while David takes it all in.

The duo describe how their boxers make them feel: ‘Supported, free, cradled, alive…’ before James adds, ‘sexually aroused…’

Giving his friend a confused look, the footballer pipes up ‘Excuse me?’

Oh don’t worry we heard…!

Is it just us…or does James look quite hot in this video? After all there is nothing sexier than a man who not afraid to flash a bit of flesh and do the worm roll, right?!

Keep it up guys! We will give the last word to James Corden:

‘D&J briefs. It’s underwear for a man with a great body…and David Beckham.’


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Matt Groom