Footballer will make grub for Gordon Ramsay

David Beckham has signed up for a professional cookery course in Milan.

The LA Galaxy star had his first class in the Italian city this week.

‘I’ve joined a culinary school and I’m on a course that entails 120 hours of lessons and cooking,’ says David, 34.

‘It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always loved cooking. Now I’m Italy, I want to learn how to make amazing pasta…

‘I did the first three hours the other day. I learned how to make fresh pasta, ragu, carbonara, fresh tomato sauce and I’m doing a risotto in a few days.’

Once he’s completed the course, David wants to show off his skills to pal Gordon Ramsay, 43.

‘I don’t know about cooking for a group of people at a dinner party quite yet, but you never know,’ he tells the Daily Mirror.

‘I’d love to cook for Gordon, and I definitely will one day.’

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