Reason #59598 to love David Beckham

If we were to list all the reasons why David Beckham is so lovable, we’d be here all day. However, one thing that we love about Becks in particular is how much of a family man he is!

Barely a week passes without David giving a swoon-some declaration of love to wife Victoria Beckham or intentionally embarrasing son Brooklyn Beckham – and now we know that his tendency to declare his love online extends to his siblings too.

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David posted a picture of himself and younger sister Joanne as tots on Friday afternoon to celebrate her 34th birthday. The adorable pair are seen sitting on a bike together and giving some angelic smiles to the camera.

As if this picture wasn’t enough, David’s accompanying message is also super sweet:

David Beckham Joanne Beckham instagram
‘Happy birthday sis… Sorry about the pic but you know I love ya… Have an amazing day. One of the sweetest girls you will ever meet that has the biggest heart’, David captioned the sweet Instagram shot.

As it turns out, Baby Becks + a beautiful tribute to his little sister = a whole lot of online love.

‘You are so family oriented and that’s honestly what made me a fan of yours’, commented one user fondly, while another chimed in with: ‘So sweet! Never stop loving your sister. There’s nothing like sibling love’.

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This sense of love for your siblings is clearly a sentiment that’s been passed on to his own kids: Brooklyn, for example, is always seen carrying little sis Harper in his arms.

Ahh, what a lovely tribute. David, never change please!

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