Becks celebrates LA Galaxy win in style

David Beckham left a huge £450 tip after visiting a bar in LA, claims waitress Claudia Belden.

Becks, 32, and his LA Galaxy team-mates had been celebrating a charity match victory at Joxer Daly’s bar where Claudia was serving them drinks.

‘David only drank mineral water,’ she tells the Daily Star. ‘He signed autographs for anyone who asked. He smelled so nice! I hugged him so tight and he didn’t mind at all.’

The footie hunk was clearly in a good mood after scoring 2 goals in a 12-4 win over Hollywood United.

The bill only came to $100 (£50), but David left $1,000 (£500).

‘David certainly tips well, usually because of good service,’ confirmed his spokesman.

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