Becks sets Gordon Ramsay straight

David Beckham has responded to Gordon Ramsay‘s claims that he needed extra padding for his saucy underwear snaps.

Becks has a lucrative deal with Emporio Armani to model its men’s underwear range.

But pal Gordon, 41, jokes that David, 33, isn’t all he seems to be in the shots.

‘Did you put satsumas down your pants for the Armani adverts?’ he asks in a joint interview for GQ.

But David insists he didn’t need any help in the Goldenballs department.

‘Gordon should know,’ he tells GQ. ‘He’s one of my best friends, so he should know the truth. He knows it wasn’t retouched.

‘I would never ask them to change anything. It was a question of trying to find a good position that wasn’t too much.

‘There’s a big billboard of it on Sunset Strip [in Los Angeles] and a couple of players from [LA Galaxy] have mentioned they’ve nearly crashed going past it!’

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