Victoria Beckham and Becks' sister Lynne live very different lives

Multimillionaire footballer David Beckham is said to be ‘angry and embarrassed’ after learning that his sister Lynne is on the dole.

A source tells now: ‘David genuinely had no idea how bad things were for Lynne.’

Lynne, 37, has had a difficult year, partly down to her bitter – and costly – divorce battle with her husband Colin Every.

Colin allegedly sold cocaine from the house that David bought them in Romford years ago,’ adds our source.

Victoria never liked him and made no secret of it.’

According to our insider, although 35-year-old David‘s had his differences with Lynne over her lifestyle, he hates the idea that anyone in his family is suffering.

David‘s always tried to look out for his family, so he doesn’t understand how things got so bad for Lynne so fast,’ says our source.

David went to his sister’s wedding in 1999, but Posh stayed away and has had little to do with her ever since.

Victoria will cut anyone out of her life if she thinks they could put her privacy at risk,’ says the source.

David feels things need to change regarding his family.

‘He’s embarrassed and upset about Lynne‘s situation. He’s vowed never to let anything like this happen again.’

See the full story about David Beckham in Now Magazine dated 30 August 2010 – out now!

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