David Beckham opened up to a flirty Susanna about his potential acting career on Good Morning Britain...and says he's pleased Harper wants to be a footballer

Most of us would find our hearts a-flutter if we were interviewing David Beckham – but Susanna Reid took things to another level when she sat down with the footballing heart-throb for Good Morning Britain.

She cheekily commented on how hot the room was and fanned herself, leading David to compliment her ‘amazing dress’! Sheesh, someone turn down the temperature!

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Victoria Beckham needn’t worry, though. It was all good-natured, with Susanna explaining to her co-presenter Kate Garraway: ‘His wife is obviously doing these amazing dresses all the time, I thought I better wear something befitting the occasion when you’re interviewing a fashion icon.’

Kate couldn’t help feeling a bit jealous that her colleague had enjoyed a flirt with Becks, though – and we don’t blame her. ‘You were nothing but professional but I’m weirdly still bitter,’ she said.

Good old Becks – he’s still got the power to get ladies fighting over him!

He also opened up about his daughter Harper’s footballing ambitions – which were not music to the ears of his wife!

‘It was the best thing I’d ever heard!’ he said. ‘Obviously I’ve bought her football kits over the years, and as soon as she comes down [wearing the football kits] and says, ‘Mummy look’ it’s the same kind of reaction that she got when [Victoria] heard that she wanted to be a footballer.’

Despite Victoria being keen on Harper following in her fashion footsteps, it seems that she’s growing up with a love of sport, just like her dad.

‘We were outside playing football the other day and she had a really pretty dress on and a pair of pink football boots,’ David continued. ‘I then sent Victoria the video, so I think that was also a dagger in her heart but I love it, I love it!’

There is one trait that Harper has inherited from her mum, though – being able to run in high heels.

‘Victoria is like, “please, we’ve got four children, three of them are boys and all love football. Let me have one that wants to dress like me or wear high heels!” Harper is amazing, she runs in the high heels so she’s definitely got that from Victoria,’ David said.

Maybe there’s still hope for a fashion career for Harper!