Posh says she just props up Ginger, Sporty, Baby and Scary

Victoria Beckham says she’s not the leader of the Spice Girls – far from it.

‘Geri and Mel B both like to be in charge,’ she says, ‘I’m a bit of a bookend.’

Posh is loving being with the girls again because, despite a number of reported bust-ups, it’s comforting to have them around.

‘They’re like my security blanket,’ Victoria, 33, told Ryan Seacrest today on Capital Radio.

Posh went on to talk about Becks’ frustration with injury this year and the treatment he’s had to have on his knee and ankle.

Father-in-law Ted Beckham’s cardiac arrest was also a massive shock.

David might have to miss the Spice Girls tour because he wants to take care of his father.

‘Ted is still very weak. He’s having trouble breathing and can’t work at the moment,’ a source tells The People.

‘David wants to spend most of December and January with his dad to make sure there’s no stress which could bring on another heart attack.’