HIV campaigner thinks it would put too much pressure on their relationship

David Furnish has admitted he’s come to terms with the fact he will probably never become a dad.

The HIV campaigner is married to Sir Elton John, 61, who he has been with since 1993.

But David says the veteran musician’s busy life means it would be impossible to have a family.  

‘We have talked about it so many times,’ he says. ‘Elton continues to want to work and be a global performer and travel the world. It’s who he is.

‘But there are children we support in Africa and I have nieces, nephews and godchildren. Sometimes life is not about having it all.’

David, 46, also thinks kids could cause a rift between them.  

‘I slightly resent the fact that we spend more time apart than I would like and I think having children would time me down to mostly being in England, because I would want them to have a stable base,’ tells Hello!

‘I think it would create some unnecessary pressures in the relationship.’

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