I’m A Celebrity runner-up likes to surround himself with interesting people


David Gest is sure he has the perfect line-up for his new musical tour, which kicks off in October.

The extravaganza was cancelled last year when the former Mr Liza Minnelli, 55, caught pneumonia, but he’s fully recovered.

‘I’m working every day with the dance instructor,’ he says. ‘I do a triple flip in my show. I do dance steps and sing. I have the Chinese girls with herpes with me…’

His oriental co-stars, David claims, he discovered whilst doing good works.

‘When I was helping the charity for women who have herpes, I met 3 who could sing,’ he claims. ‘They’re in my show. I’ve also got the Little People of Davidland. They’ve become like family – and I’ve hired a choir group called the Von Snatch Family.’

Despite the outrageousness of David’s stories, he insists he doesn’t tell porkies.

‘I don’t make stuff up,’ he tells Take 5. ‘People think, “This sounds mad.” But it’s ALL TRUE.’

As the showman’s claim that his housekeeper was called Vaginika Seaman turned out to be absolutely genuine, you have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

David Gest…My Life! A Musical Concert Extravaganza begins on 3 October. Call 0870 534 4444 for tickets or visit ticketmaster.co.uk.