I'm A Celebrity star says he shys away from plastic surgery

David Gest says he’s only had plastic surgery once in his life.

The 53-year-old ex-husband of actress Liza Minnelli came fourth in I’m A Celebrity – even though TV bosses thought he wouldn’t last a day in the harsh conditions.

‘I surprised a lot of people and showed the British public the real David Gest,’ he told The Sunday Mirror.

‘They saw that I’m not some freak with tattooed-on eyebrows and who gets my face changed every few months. I haven’t had any plastic surgery since the 80s.’

And he insisted he’d only been under the knife once.

‘I had my nose done,’ he said. ‘I had a very big hooked nose. My Aunt Ruth said you could hang five suits off it. That was in 1978 or something. About 26 years ago.’

We believe you, David.