Blonde beauty says veteran Baywatch star sucked her toes

Actor David Hasselhoff tried to bed a blonde beauty young enough to be his daughter.

The Hoff, 54, made a play for 22-year-old Kerrie Lee in a taxi following a night of outrageous antics.

She claims David sucked her toes in the back of a cab and stuck his tongue down her throat.

‘He was a nightmare, groping and kissing me and slobbering all over me,’ Kerrie tells The People, ‘I wouldn’t mind but he’s old enough to be my dad.’

Their encounter started at the luxurious Blakes hotel in Kensington and ended up at London hotspots the Boujis and Chinawhite.

Kerrie first met David when he was a guest at the hotel in Manchester where she works and they arranged to meet last weekend.

She claims The Hoff, who was in high spirits, told her: ‘I’m not supposed to drink, but I’m going to break training tonight.’

And not satisfied with her company, she insists he started chatting up another girl.

Since their night out together, David has phoned and emailed Kerrie but she’s not met him again. ‘I think he’s probably just lonely,’ she says.

A spokeswoman for David was keen to play down the incident, saying: ‘The girls clearly enjoyed themselves.

‘David is accustomed to huge amounts of female attention and he is a single man who enjoys female company and jokes about with the ladies.’

Muzakkir Iqbal