Baywatch star says he wasn't sozzled when he had to miss plane

David Hasselhoff, 53, missed his flight from Heathrow to LA on Wednesday but the star has denied claims that BA staff refused to allow him to board was because he was drunk.

The Hoff was spotted staggering around the airport and ended up catching a later flight, but his publicist Judy Katz has said it was the Baywatch actor’s choice. She says: ‘He was not drunk. It was his own decision not to get on that plane.’

Ms Katz said David was taking antibiotics for an infected wound from a shaving accident and was feeling a bit sick so decided not to board the earlier flight.

The star, who was seen lifting a shop manageress into the air, was later wheeled to the departure gate in a buggy car. A witness at a duty free shop said: ‘He’s a huge fella and the manageress is tiny. He picked her up then put her down.’

David’s divorce from wife, Pamela Bach, was finalised in a Los Angeles court this week. During the bitter battle, Pamela claimed that David once broke her nose, while he stated that the only man who ever broke his wife’s nose was her plastic surgeon.