Britain's Got Talent judge offers some advice

David Walliams hopes Simon Cowell will make the most of fatherhood.

The music mogul, 54, became a dad earlier this year when girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth to their son Eric and David has already seen a change in his fellow Britain’s Got Talent judge.

He’s just a dad now,’ says David, 42.

Nature designs it all perfectly – this little baby comes out so beautiful and then you have to look after it. There’s no choice really.

What I said to him was: “The day your baby is born will be the happiest day of your life and then every day after that will just get better and better.” And that’s the truth.’

David knows what he’s talking about – last year he welcomed his first child, a boy called Alfred, with model wife Lara Stone.

As a fellow dad, the comedian wants Simon to focus more on being a parent than handling his many other projects.

I mean, he doesn’t have a normal life,’ David tells TV Magazine.

You just don’t want him to miss out on things. I also said to him: “You’ve got nothing more to achieve in your life.

“You’ve been hugely successful in the TV and music business, you’re rich beyond your wildest dreams. This is a new adventure that far outstrips those.”

He has worked really hard. I hope he does relax a bit more and enjoy family life. It’ll be much more fulfilling than anything else he does.’

The new series of Britain’s Got Talent is showing on Saturday nights on ITV.

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