Comedian thinks girls are simply nicer than blokes

Little Britain star David Walliams loves to dress up in a frock but, unlike partner Matt Lucas, he isn’t into guys.

‘Personally, I’d much rather be around women then around men,’ he insists. ‘Women are just better, nicer, more interesting.

‘They are more caring and emotional. They talk about things that are important rather than talking about football…I love women.’

David, 36, says he can use the ambiguity surrounding his sexuality to his advantage.

‘It allows me to go off in different directions, because I’m not fixed on one thing,’ he says.

Currently single, the comedian admits he would like to settle down, but reckons kids are a long way off.

‘I don’t think I could be further away from becoming a father than I am right now,’ he tells The Times Magazine. ‘I haven’t got a girlfriend for a start and you need that, don’t you?’

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