Comedian flashes his bum at Beatles legend

David Walliams has admitted he revealed his bare bum to Sir Paul McCartney on the Little Britain Live tour.

The comedian, a self-confessed Beatles fanatic, has kept souvenir snaps of himself mooning his idol, whilst playing one of his favourite characters.

‘It was very exciting to have the legend there,’ he tells the Daily Express. ‘I went out as Anne, lifting my skirt up and down and putting my bum in people’s faces.

‘I think it was the only time Paul McCartney had a big, fat, hairy bottom in his face like that. Maybe it was quite memorable for him.’

David, 36, admits he was really nervous performing in front of the 65-year-old megastar.

‘It’s one thing to meet your idol, but another to have him see you on tour,’ he says. ‘During the show I kept thinking, I wonder if Paul laughed at that joke?’

Hannah Claxton