Flintstones-loving Simon gets ‘nicer' carrots

David Walliams has revealed that the Britain’s Got Talent judges get a delicious buffet put on for them backstage – but that Simon Cowell gets his own special delicacies.

The comedian has spotted Simon, 53, being served special’ carrots.

We have a lovely buffet and there’s all sorts of food for us all,’ says David, 41.

But Simon has special carrots. He has his own special carrot batons on his make-up table with a thousand island dressing.

We did a taste test of the carrots once and they do taste a bit nicer than the regular carrots. I’ve asked him where they come from, but he’s not saying.’

David, who has a baby son with model wife Lara Stone, says his own diet doesn’t usually get Simon’s approval.

I might have some Japanese noodles and Simon always thinks I’m eating “something weird,”‘ the new dad says.

He only likes fish and chips or burgers. He lives his life how he would have wanted it when he was 12. Which is why he watches The Flintstones in the morning.’

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