Now's astrologer David Wells predicts Kate Middleton's baby's future

As Kate Middleton and Prince William’s happy news whips the nation into a frenzy of excitement, Now can reveal the couple’s child is destined to become the most well-travelled Royal baby in history…

David Wells predicts:

Baby Cambridge is likely to be a Cancerian just like Prince William, 30, who was born on 21 June, and his late mother Diana, born on 1 July.

The future King or Queen will be a natural leader, kind, generous and likely to be one of the most travelled Royal babies ever.

The child will also inherit William and Diana’s sensitivity.

Next year Neptune will be in its home territory of Pisces.

As with any kid born in 2013, this means the new Royal will be blessed with grace and a sense of fair play and spirituality.

Meanwhile, both Kate, 30, and Wills have their Moon in Cancer.

This is a sign of a strong family bond (I’m sure the pair will be keen to have more kids in the future), suggesting they’ll both be more involved as parents than any other Royal in the past.

So it seems the baby can look forward to being fussed over by his or her smitten parents. Aww! 

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