The TV presenter says she sick of being ‘thin shamed'

Davina McCall has pleaded with online critics to stop labelling her as ‘too thin,’ and insisted that she won’t stop showing off the figure she’s worked so hard for.

Hi. It is the beginning of the summer . And this is a 👙 selfie. And it probably won’t be the last . No apologies. Because I cannot quite believe I am posting pictures of myself in bikinis still 😃I get asked all the time how many times I work out a week 💪🏻. 3 times minimum … 4 ideally.. 45 mins to an hour . Can’t run at the mo so I do a mixture strength and cardio … i have so much to be grateful for… my kids are number one but right behind them at no 2 is how my fitness journey has made me feel . If I’m groggy, sluggish, negative it always sorts me out … if you are starting … start slow.. set small goals.. achievable goals.. you will get to where you want to be. I did. And if I did. ( after years of yo-yo dieting and binge exercise) You can. #ownyourgoals #fitness #motivation

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The fitness lover has sparked backlash from fans with her ripped physique on Instagram recently, but she says despite what people may think, her famous six-pack isn’t down to endless hours of personal training sessions and starving herself.

Davina, 50, said, ‘We’re becoming more sedentary and it is interesting how we can thin shame someone, but not fat shame them. We have an issue with food as a nation and we need to do something about it.’

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Insisting that her healthy lifestyle hasn’t gone too far, she added, ‘I do not live on protein shakes and have six hours of personal training a day. What gets me out of bed and keeps me motivated on the exercise front is how it makes my body look, but more importantly, how it makes me feel about myself.

‘I look strong and I feel strong. If I can run up the stairs, it puts a spring in my step, it really lifts my mood.’

The newly qualified fitness instructor added that she gets frustrated when she’s slated for posting snaps of her body.

‘This stuff really riles me because I am not going to stop posting pictures of me like this,’ she said. ‘I work out because I want to be able to say I am 50 and can wear a bikini.’

The TV presenter recently posted a picture of her impressive abs on Instagram, but it got negative feedback from her followers, who told her she looked ‘too thin’.

One fan commented, ‘What have you done? Far too thin!’

Cozzie and trainers and a smidgen of underboob ( I’m all give) …. I was a brownie, it was there that I learned “be prepared” 😂😂😂 #tonedin10 @melissaodabashdesign @asicseurope

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Another added, ‘Wow. You need to put weight on, too thin!’ While a third said, ‘Omg what have you done to yourself, you look ill.

Hitting back, the mum-of-three said, ‘I had my camera phone at a certain angle, which accentuated the shape, but that wasn’t the point of the picture. I don’t mind being this shape.’


But she admitted that it does affect her when people say she’s not being a good role model.

‘The comments about me being a bad role model were really hurtful because I just think, “How dare you? I am a good role model,” she insisted. ‘Other people can look at me and think, “Look, she’s ancient, and if she can do it so can I.”’

But this isn’t the first time the fitness DVD queen has had to defend her figure, her healthy living and her love of exercise. Earlier this year, in June, she hit back at trolls after she was blasted for posting a picture of her six-pack.

She later shared another similar snap where her stomach looked slightly less toned and wrote, ‘Jesus! Talk about hooha!!! Two pics… same day. I chose one on the right coz I liked my 6 pack but just so you can all calm down, here is one without. Look at my Insta … happy and healthy.’

Last year, she said of her six-pack, ‘It’s one of those physiological things I just have. It’s weird because I’ve always had quite a good tummy, but it’s something that just seems to have appeared as I’ve got older.

‘I don’t think I could lose it if I tried.’

Lucky you, Davina!

Words by Robyn Morris