TV presenter says she's too famous for embarrassing treatments

Davina McCall says she could never go to a beauty salon to get her bikini line sorted out – because she’s too well known.

‘I’d never have a Brazilian wax,’ insists the 40-year-old star.

‘Any kind of personal thing is much worse when you’re famous. You imagine people going home and saying, “Oooh, you’ll never guess who I had in today…”‘

And the Big Brother presenter says her famous face prevents her from seeking out all kinds of ‘intimate’ treatments.

‘I’d love to have colonic irrigation,’ she tells Celebs On Sunday. ‘But I just can’t bring myself to have one.

‘People say it’s amazing, but I can’t flush water up my bottom. I just can’t. It’s the idea of someone doing it and watching stuff come out. Oh God, the shame!’

Katie Evans