'Her cheeks 😱'

Worried fans expressed their concern for telly star Davina McCall after she was seen looking gaunt in a Halloween snap with Holly Willoughby last night.

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The former Big Brother host and the This Morning presenter posed for a selfie in their Halloween outfits last night, as Hol dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Davina went as The Shining’s Wendy Torrance.

Despite their impressive get up, lots of fans were distracted by Davina’s slim face, taking to the comment section to point out their worries.

Wow Davina is looking so thin:-(,’ one wrote, while a second agreed, adding, ‘She really is, it’s so aging too, hope she hasn’t got addicted to the food and exercise too much.’


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Take care… @garnieruk @davinamccall #halloween 🎃

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Later, one more chipped in, ‘Her cheeks 😱 at first I thought it was meant to look like that for Halloween.’

Davina you need to eat,’ another comment read, while another said, ‘Davina looks ill, far too thin 😔 !

Despite the concerned commenters opinions, other fans made sure to defend the Garnier ambassador.

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Almost firing on all cylinders … warm up walk run 20 mins then 30 mins @oygdavina revving up for back to school …

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Saw Davina on the train today looking gorgeous xxx,’ insisted one supporter.

Davina previously hit back at those making digs at her weight and those who say she’s too thin.

Speaking to Metro earlier this year, she explained, “I want to promote health and fitness and that’s why I get slightly irked with people going, ‘I’m too skinny,’ because I am really healthy. I mean, I go to the doctors once a year for a little MOT and every year they go, ‘Bloody hell, you’re amazing’

“And, in fact, I’ve probably got healthier. Like my cholesterol is better, my blood pressure’s amazing, my BMI is perfect, I’m within the normal range, I’m not at the bottom of the range for all those naysayers. So that bugs me because I’m a very healthy person.

“Everybody just needs to look after themselves and stop judging other people.”