I'm A Celebrity... star opens heart to David Gest

Dean Gaffney says having bad skin as a teenager was to blame for his womanising ways.

The former EastEnders star opened his heart up to fellow I’m A Celebrity… contestant, David Gest, last night and spilled the beans on what led him to sleep around.

Dean, 28, said: ‘I had a couple of spots when I was 15 and was ridiculed. So the fact I could get all this attention was what I thrived on. My outlet was being a red-blooded male. I had some fun but I was young and had immense fame.’

The actor, who played Robbie Fowler in the soap, also confessed to cheating on his girlfriend Sarah who is mum to his 10-year-old twins.

He said: ‘She took it bad. I didn’t go from bed to bed but I took her for granted. I think it takes a bigger man to admit it.’