Demi Lovato has shocked fans with some exciting news.

demi lovato shocks fans baby bump picture

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The singer took to her Instagram page to tease a new project that she is working on, but fans were distracted by something else – a protruding baby bump.

Demi shared a snap with her 75 and half million Instagram followers of her in front of a mirror cradling a baby bump.

At first look, fans were convinced that the star was expecting her first child, as the bump appeared to sit on the musician’s figure quite naturally.

She also included a video that fans could swipe along to watch, which showed the Solo hitmaker lying down as the camera panned down her body to reveal the protruding bump.

But it seems as though Demi was actually using the bump pic to reveal some other rather exciting news.

Alongside the snap, the singer and actress wrote the caption, ‘Real or fake? 🤰🏻😝 #WillandGrace #MeetJenny,’ suggesting that she is due to make an appearance on the TV show Will and Grace.

And fans and followers loved the reveal, taking to the post’s comments section to express their excitement at the TV news.

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The teasing post gained over a 25,000 comments alongside a massive two million likes in just the first seven hours since the star made the announcement.

I was shook for a moment…,’ wrote one follower who was convinced by the baby bump.

My heart actually stopped,’ added another, while others who were tricked by the post agreed, ‘i got spooked for a sec’, ‘I almost stroked for a second 😂😂 Demi would be such a good mommy! 💯😍’ and ‘i👏nearly👏died👏’.

However, some hit out at the star, claiming that her post was disrespectful and in bad taste.

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If this is a joke, I lost all respect,’ wrote one Instagram user. ‘Fertility and babies are not something to joke about’.

Another agreed, ‘Are you faking a pregnancy? Some ppl are dying to have children . This is so disrespectful’.

However, fans jumped to the defence of the singer, explaining that she wasn’t faking a pregnancy and was simply using the post’s hashtags to announce that she is playing a pregnant character, with one commenting, ‘Maybe y’all should read the hashtags.

‘It’ll help you understand a little instead of saying she is faking pregnancy because she seeks attention 🙄’.