After a viral video of Demi Lovato appears of the star describing her favourite dish, she speaks out about the misunderstanding


The internet’s an odd thing isn’t it? And in this week’s odd viral video of the moment, it involves a certain Demi Lovato.

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While promoting her album Confident all around Europe, there seemed to be a bit of a breakdown in communication while the 23-year-old singer was in Berlin.

Along with all the typical questions that we imagine that Demi gets thrown at her on a regular basis, she was then asked by a German DJ what her favourite dish was .
We were expecting her to say a hearty plate of spag bol, a good ol’ greasy burger, or maybe even a family specialty from Mama Lovato.

But what we couldn’t have ever guessed was the answer Demi ACTUALLY came out with. And it’s brilliant.

Yep. That’s right. Mugs. Demi Lovato loves a good mug.

And she’s right! They DO hold hot things such as a hot coffee. We don’t know where we’d be without our morning cuppa in a sturdy mug.

While we all thought that Demi might’ve misunderstood the question or there was a bit of a breakdown with the language barrier, Demi’s now spoken out about the viral video, and revealed that she was just joking about the whole thing.

We can only imagine how tedious the same ol’ questions during interviews could possibly get, so we don’t blame Demi if she was having a bit of a LOL with herself.

Another celeb who recently had a bit of a blunder while being interviewed was Cara Delevigne while she was promoting the film, Paper Towns. The interviewers accused her of being a bit moody and then went on to mock her with a bad faux-British accent. Ouch. Not cool guys!

Whether she was joking or not, this is one our fave things on the world wide web for a long time, so cheers for that Demi!

Amy Lo