Ex-Bond girl linked to laptop throwing debacle

Denise Richards has shaken up an 80-year-old woman – with a laptop.

The wheelchair-bound OAP was almost hit by a computer that the 35-year-old actress flung over a balcony after becoming incensed by photographers.

Denise, who’s currently thrashing out a divorce with her ex Charlie Sheen, 41, lost her temper with two paparazzi snappers who kept hassling her on the set of new film Blonde and Blonder.

She grabbed one of their laptops and hurled it from the balcony of the River Rock Casino Resort in British Columbia.

But the falling machine landed close to an unfortunate old dear down below.

Denise and her co-star Pamela Anderson were interviewed by Canadian police officers, but a spokesman told the Daily Mail: ‘Luckily the woman had only minor injuries and was not interested in pursuing the matter.’

We’ve heard of granny bashing, Den, but this story gives a whole new meaning to computer crime.