TV presenter says she’ll marry comedian if she can’t find Mr Right

Denise Van Outen has revealed she’s made a marriage pact with comedian David Walliams.

Denise, 32, says she and the Little Britain star have agreed that if they both end up on the shelf, they’ll settle down together.

The celeb friends made the love pact while holidaying together in January 2006. Denise says that at the time neither of them was having much luck with relationships.

‘It was all quite simple,’ she explains. ‘We were both laughing about it and just said: “Well, we get on so well, there’s only one thing for it – if we’re both single in two years’ time, we’ll have to marry each other”.’

Now almost a year has passed, Denise really ought to start looking for a flouncy white frocks to wear for her nuptials with David, 35. But there’s a bit of hitch.

She tells The People’s Take It Easy: ‘Mind you, I’ve since met his new girlfriend and she’s lovely so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them.’

Muzakkir Iqbal