Star says recent break-up has sparked a hunt for Mr Right

Actress and TV presenter Denise Van Outen says she thinks she will find true love soon, despite being dumped by actor James Lance.

‘I don’t think I’ve met the love of my life yet,’ she says.

‘I’ve been in love but haven’t found “The One”. I don’t think it’s far off though.’

Denise, 33, admits that the split with James, who she dated for 6 months, wasn’t her choice. But she’s hopeful about the future.

‘There’s nothing wrong with being dumped,’ she insists. ‘I think it’s good for the soul as it humbles you.

‘It was more his decision that mine, so what can I do?

‘There’s no such thing as a mutual decision, when people say that, they’re just lying to make it sound nice.’

Still, Denise is determined not to remain a Miss forever. Two years ago she made a pact with Little Britain star David Walliams that, if they were both still single by 15 January 2008, they would marry each other.

‘So, as it stands, we’re getting married on that date,’ she tells Sunday magazine, ‘unless someone else sweeps me off my feet in the meantime.’

Katie Evans