Lee Mead's ex likes to be mischievous

Denise Van Outen has got an unexpectedly cheeky new hobby.

The presenter, who admits to being on a ‘quest of naughtiness’, recently took up golf and manages to find saucy aspects to the sport to keep her amused.

‘Golf’s got a mischievous side to it,’ says Denise, 40.

‘The hole-in-one! I just like the outfits. I feel naughty in them. Golf brings out the devil in me!’

It’s good to hear that Denise Van Outen is having fun again following her split from husband Lee Mead in 2013.

The TV star – who has daughter Betsy, 4, with Lee – has developed a carefree and relaxed attitude as she’s gotten older.

‘This is the nice thing,’ explains Denise.

‘I don’t know [if I see myself settling down again] and I sort of don’t care. Whatever will be will be.

‘I’m happy being in my own environment, in my own skin. I don’t need to plan anything.

‘I’m just going to wing it. I’m 40 and winging it.’

One of the ways that Denise Van Outen has been having fun is by spending time with her girlfriends.

When she turned 40 in May last year she decided to extend the celebrations over a three-week period, during which she had a party with 31 female pals including Kimberley Walsh and Lydia Bright.

‘I had a bit of a crap year [in 2013], so I was looking forward to 40,’ says Denise.

‘It does feel like a fresh start. Turning 40 was a new chapter in my life.’

We can imagine that Denise got up to all sorts of mischief during her extravagant celebrations and it sounds like she manages to fit in a bit of naughtiness on a regular basis.

‘It happens quite a lot to be honest with you,’ the bubbly blonde tells Fabulous Magazine.

‘[I’ve just been] enjoying myself.’

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