Presenter usually cuts her exes off

Denise Van Outen admits she’s prone to getting her heart broken.

The bubbly presenter is quite emotional and struggles when a relationship ends but insists her split last year from husband Lee Mead – with whom she has 3-year-old daughter Betsy – was less painful.

‘Oh God, I get so hurt – I am very sensitive when it comes to affairs of the heart,’ says Denise, 39.

‘It is very much all or nothing with me and I don’t keep in touch with my exes because normally when things end there are hurt feelings.

‘Obviously my situation with Lee is very different – there would never be a cut-off thing with him and it’s not only because we have a child together; it’s just a very different relationship from any other I have had.’

Denise is surprised that people think she’s quite tough but puts it down to the ladette label she was given in the 90s.

‘I am very much a girl’s girl,’ the mum-of-one tells You Magazine.

‘And it really bothers me that people don’t always see that; instead they think that I am hard as nails and that everything for me is like water off a duck’s back.

‘I am the very opposite – I am sensitive and a worrier, and if something has upset me I will carry it with me for a long time.

‘I don’t just shake it off. It stays with me but people don’t see that.’

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