Her latest relationship may be hotting up, but Denise Van Outen reveals she doesn’t believe in one true love and prefers to live in the moment

Denise Van Outen has a lifestyle that would make most of us green with envy. Since her split from husband Lee Mead in 2013, she’s been throwing herself into her work, recently finishing a stage production of Sweet Charity with her Girls Aloud star pal Kimberley Walsh. But it’s not just her professional life that’s gone from strength to strength – her love life has, too.

Denise, 41, who’s mum to five-year old daughter Betsy, has been dating gorgeous stockbroker Eddie Boxshall since March 2014 after they met through a mutual friend. Here, she talks to us about love, Strictly Come Dancing and why Victoria Beckham needs to shut it…


Hi Denise, how are you?
I’m good, thank you!

The last time we saw photos of you, you were enjoying a date night with your boyfriend Eddie. How are things between you?
Really good. Yes, really good!

You look so loved-up. Would you say he’s ‘the one’?
At my age, I’ve already been married so to be honest I don’t live my life looking for ‘the one’. I just like to live in the moment and enjoy it.

Would you consider getting married again if Eddie does pop the question? Or maybe having more children?
I really haven’t thought that far ahead. I’ve got a five-year-old daughter and she’s my priority. Having more children is the furthest thing from my mind.

Betsy seems like a really confident little girl. Does she take after you in that way?
She can have her moments of shyness, like all kids. I wouldn’t say she particularly likes to be the centre of attention. She’s not the first to jump up and go and push herself to the front. I was pretty confident when I was growing up. I’ve got a brother and sister but my sister was less outgoing than I was, so my mum said that as a parent she had to adapt her parenting skills because every child’s different. But it’s all about having a good communication with your kids or your child – being able to just sit down and talk about everything, just about their day.

You’re working on a campaign to help kids with their confidence…
Yes, it’s all about making sure your children have got lots of confidence in all walks of life really, so they can look out for themselves. Some kids wet the bed due to the fact they haven’t been able to train properly, but for other kids sometimes that can be emotional – maybe due to lack of confidence.

You’re very much a hands-on mum, so how do you manage to look so put-together when you’re working and looking after Betsy at home?
It’s tiring! I’m glam when I’m working, but when I’m just at home I’m not glam at all. There’s another side that people don’t see. I’m very lucky that I’ve got a lot of people around me who can help out.

So you’re not one of those yummy mummies who dresses up to the nines for the school run?
No, oh no. For the school run and stuff like that I’m just in leggings, trainers and a jumper.


Denise is supporting DryNites’ Confident Kids 24/7 campaign.