Ex-Big Breakfast presenter says she thought she'd definitely be married by now

Denise Van Outen has told how she’s having fun in the California sun by dating lots of men.

The former Big Breakfast presenter, who currently splits her time between Britain and Los Angeles, says LA is a great place to be single.

But the star confessed to Eve magazine that living between two countries has left her anxious and unsettled.

‘Splitting my time between London and LA is disorienting,’ she admits. ‘I’m at a stage when anything could happen, so I’m in limbo.’

Denise, now 32 and single after a string of failed relationships – including one with pop star Jay Kay – is equally insecure about her private life.

‘Life hasn’t turned out as I expected. I thought I’d be settled with a family by now,‘ she says.

‘Whoever I’m with, I find myself waiting for it to go wrong. I’ve built up a wall because of past experiences. So I’m trying to get over it by dating lots of men.’