Derek doesn't think much of Cheryl's tatts

Cheryl Cole’s boyfriend Derek Hough isn’t a fan of her tattoos.

The Girls Aloud star showed off her latest large vine-like tattoo at the National Television Awards last week, which wraps around her old butterfly design at the base of her back.

Derek doesn’t like Cheryl‘s tattoos much and has been poking fun at
them,’ says a source.

‘He said to her that even though he loves her, he doesn’t
love her inscriptions.’

Dancing With The Stars pro Derek, 26 who’s devoted to Cheryl, 27 – managed to make her see the funny side of her body art.

‘He got a laugh out of her by saying when she’s older, her back will
look like a treasure map,’ the insider tells The Sun.

Cheryl has 4 other tattoos – the iconic one on her hand, a
barbed wired pattern around her right thigh, an etching on her left
buttock and the words Mrs C on her neck.  

Derek abides by Mormon beliefs that tattoos are wrong,’ another source tells The People.  ‘He is upset Cheryl has had her latest one. He told her she shouldn’t and she got pretty feisty.

‘She put Derek in his place.’

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